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    Here is my finished hat! Of course, this picture strategically hides the top of the hat… because I inadvertently made the entire thing a bit too big. This is why I SHOULD have done a gauge swatch and actually measured my head. Go figure. This hat was supposed to be for a medium head size, and I have an extremely large head so I just assumed it would fit perfectly. Damn.

    Oh well, I have accepted it, mistakes and all. It is just a slightly slouchy and totally awesome hat :).

    P.S. Yes, I do look like a creepster in the bottom picture. My friend tells me that is my everyday face. Fail.

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      Looks great! Pattern?
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      You knit and you’re adorable? Why world, why?
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      omg you’re gorgeous. Schnazzy hat too. :)
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      A handsome man who knits? Me likes!
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      Looks absolutely amazing. Good job! The crown of hats is always a little challenging, even for a hat queen like myself....
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